As promised in our previous blog, we are sharing the benefits of reading for children here in this one.  It is a well-known fact that 90 per cent of the human brain develops by the age of 5 years. And how we, as a parent, utilise this period goes a long way into determining and affecting the development of our child’s brain.

 There are a number of things that contribute a big positive way towards brain development of our child and reading comes at the top of it. Here, one thing should be noted that it doesn’t matter whether the children read by themself or you read for them the effect remain the same. 

1) Promotes new neuronal connections 

Neurons are the basic building blocks of the human brain. The greater number of neurons and the connections among them the healthier, well-functioning, and well-developed the brain is.

Reading regularly stimulates the brain development of the highest order resulting in strong pathways among neurons which in turn build language, literacy, and social-emotional skills having life-long benefits. Know More :- Top 10 Preschool In India

 2) Helps in the language development of the child

Reading frequently stimulates physical activity in the brain activating the sections that process words and form meaning.

A study that involved MRI images of children’s brain showed an increase in organised white matter that is involved in developing language and ability to learn and that is why experts recommend parents to start reading to their children from their infancy itself.


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3) Reading boosts imagination 

Hearing the story in an animated manner and seeing the colourful picture in the story book captures their imagination and stimulates them to create an entire world out of their creative imagination and explore it in their own way.

Studies have shown that the children who are reading or being read aloud to develop higher activity in the area of the brain responsible for cultivating mental images and deciphering and comprehending verbal cues resulting in a stronger imagination as well as the fondness of reading.

4) Enhance concentration and focus

Another wonderful benefit of reading or being read to is that it enhances the focus and concentration of children. It helps them learn how to sit still, stay focused and concentrate on the given task till the story gets completed.

Initially, it might be difficult for the children but slowly and gradually they will learn, enjoy and grow. Know More :- Best pre school in Delhi

 5) Reading helps in the social development of the children

Books showcase various behavioural patterns and choices made by the characters of the story, they teach how to handle discussions properly that could be difficult for a child otherwise.

Reading helps to children to develop empathy as they get engrossed in a book with a storyline having a character that has to learn a lesson.

Reading is the one habit that is common to almost all successful people in the world. Above mentioned were five of the many benefits of reading or being read to for the children but enough to achieve good intellectual development in the child. Junior Delhi School wishes you very good luck for your reading endeavours in the coming days. For more details please visit the Top 5 School For Children