Children are born curious and playful. In the early years of their lives, they require space and stimulation, an environment to enrich their innate behavior, and the need to play and make sense of the environment in which they are born. They are curious about plenty of things that surround them from childhood itself. They are unique beings trying from every inch of their bodies to explore themselves and the environment. It is generally important for parents to reinforce and motivate their inborn ability. As Home is the first school of the child, it becomes the responsibility of the significant adults to take care of and provide them with the fulfillment of all their age demands to develop them in every aspect. After a certain time, owing to the social nature of beings and developmental requirements, kids are sent to play schools and pre-schools.

What is exactly a Playschool?

A preschool sometimes referred to as a nursery school, pre-primary school, or play school, is a learning environment that provides early childhood education to kids before they start primary school's mandatory education program.

You must be wondering about the requirement for children to become a part of preschools or playschools. The blog ahead will help you understand the same. Further, in the same, we will get to know about the Best Play School in West Sagarpur.

What actually is the need for a Playschool?

To list a few points, playschools help in:

1.    Providing a stimulating learning environment for the kids
2.    Improves and develops Child’s social, emotional, and cognitive domains
3.    A place for them to socialise and form bonds.
4.    Children need age-appropriate resources, conversations, and knowledge and playschool exactly caters to them.

The government, non-governmental organizations, and the private sector all use different models to provide preschool education in India. There is an increase in enrolment in playschools and kindergarten for a number of reasons, including working women and nuclear families, which helps with education by stimulating children early on, promoting development activities, and offering assistance to parents and families.

Talking about New Delhi and the preschool sector, the Delhi government has constructed "modern Anganwadi hub centers for kids from low-income families in the region we are talking about. Also, Preschool education is provided through many private preschools as well. Junior Delhi School, West Sagarpur is one such preschool located in west Delhi Sagarpur and is considered to be the Best Play School in West Sagarpur, New Delhi.

Giving tough Competitions to the Junior Delhi School are:

1. Mbs International School
2. Universal Kids
3. Nathkat Play School
4. Kidzee Pre School & Day Care
5. First Step Preparatory School

As per International standards, preschools/playschools shall follow the curriculum for young children focusing on developing and improving their cognitive development, linguistic development, socio-emotional development, improvement of physical and motor skills, enhancement of creativity, etc. Preschools are striving hard to work as per these parameters. One of the playschools catering to the holistic development of kids in West Sagarpur is Junior Delhi School.

Junior Delhi School employs unique, extensively researched, and meticulously planned integrated learning, known as the JIL program. Our strength lies with the Junior Integrated Learning Curriculum. 

Also, the incorporation of STEAMLabs for the preschoolers is another strong point making the Junior Delhi School, a leading preschool. The STEAM Lab is a space to engage in hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities that encourage creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. All branches of Junior Delhi School, including West Sagarpur, work on developing the 4 C’s in children namely Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Collaboration which are aimed at catering to the needs of the 21st century. 

Dear (Drop Everything And Read) program is also a part of the Junior Delhi School Best play school in Delhi curriculum. It is a step to achieve the objective of helping children develop reading capacity and build their skills.