Children in the early years of their lives are in the zone of learning, trying to get a knack for the environment and physical surroundings. They get intrigued with anything worthy of catching their attention, stimulating their brains and other development areas. They have limited attention spans and are always up for exploring new things, new objects, and anything that feeds them with something novel and interesting. We at home, are making several efforts to help young ones engage in play, and involve themselves in the home environment. Parents and other significant others get a whole lot of stimulating toys for the kids to have fun, enjoy and aid in their growth and development.

The role of parents and other caregivers is indispensable in the child’s learning and journey of life, however, childcare centers, Day Cares, and kindergartens are essential for their child’s progress and learning for the future and increasing their life chances. In the blog further, we will get to know the need for Preschool education and kindergartens. Further, we will encompass some genuinely involved people and teams, in society & schools, and kindergartens who strive to provide the best Preschool education with Good Kindergarten learning and classroom for kids across India on both online platforms and in physical classrooms.

Introduction of Kindergartens-Historically, childcare arrangements have largely been informal, involving family, household, and community members. The formalization of these arrangements emerged in the nineteenth century with the establishment of kindergartens for educational purposes and day nurseries for care in much of Europe and North America, Brazil, China, India, Jamaica, and Mexico. Over time, modern nation-states emerged and childcare moved from being a concern limited to individual families to being shared by society and the nation. 

India too, though earlier highly committed to social centers, and home environments for childcare, had started on the journey of preschools, daycare centers, and kindergartens as westernization took place and complex changes started happening. We also accepted the facts and recommendations of theorists, and psychologists in India and foreign where they have been talking about the essence of play, activities, stimulating environment, and peer relations in society beginning from childhood itself.  The fundamental social, emotional, problem-solving, and study skills that will be crucial throughout your child's academic career may be learned and practiced in kindergarten.

Taking about Delhi and other states in India, Junior Delhi School’s Franchisees are major focusing on Pre-Nursery, Nursery, and Kindergartens and developing the kid’s sensory skills. Here, their personal and emotional development is taken by designing the classes based on the play and learning methods. That’s why Junior Delhi School employs the tried and tested Play-way method for it.  Along with academics life skills also play an important part in the education and growth of the child. Various activities are performed for comprehensive development including gross motor skills like Yoga, dance, Story Yoga,  and STEM classes. Junior Delhi School also runs a daycare program for children of age 6 months to the age of 12 years covering the childhood stages of infants, toddlers, pre-kindergarten, and school-age children which incorporate carefully designed activities to cover all the main areas of childhood development.

Junior Delhi School believes in providing a warm and nurturing environment that caters to all the developmental needs of our toddlers so that they reach their full potential and that meet the expectations of every parent. Junior Delhi School, is one of the kindergartens that strive to provide the best Preschool education with Good Kindergarten learning and classroom for kids across India on both online platforms and in physical classrooms. 

The Chairman of Junior Delhi School Mr. Vishva Deepak has always been a firm believer in early childhood education. His idea of preschool education and kindergarten center is centered on the core aspect of helping early education reach every child across. He has spread this idea all over and is determined to open preschools even in remote areas of India. Even in the COVID times when schools remain shut and we're devastated, he extended his idea of preschool education to different levels with online classes. He used this as an opportunity to involve young kids and their enthusiastic teachers in the ocean of online learning and engagements. He aims to provide Integrated and global-level school education.

This makes the Junior Delhi School to be counted in the Top 10 preschools in Delhi education with Good Kindergarten learning and classroom for children.