Numeracy refers to the ability to understand numbers and a good basic knowledge of mathematics.Alike many adults, Kids also have problems and a little aversive attitude towards numbers. The teachers and parents find it very hard to help learners learn numeracy with fun. However, with a new and fresh way, we have many ways and techniques recommended by Educators, professionals and Mathematics enthusiasts in the Education sector that has helped the Kids in preschools and primary grades become more inclined towards Numeracy. Before we look at Five Fun ways to help your child learn and love Numeracy, Let’s look why is it that kids have from a long time become aversive to it?

Students, sometimesdo not understand the nature of maths and end up making mistakes. As mathematics revolves around accuracy, they get the answers incorrect. Over time, repeated underperformance in math can cause a student to become demotivated and believe he or she is not good at the subject. Moreover, as math is cumulative, falling behind might mean a learner misses out on much of what is taught for the rest of the school term? 

That is why we have our parents, tuition teachers and school teachers emphasising on building strong mathematical foundations early on in preschool and play school.   Having basic math skills is important, regardless of the career an individual chooses to pursue. Mathematics as already said is spiral in nature and that has to be noted by parent, teachers and the learners themselves. It involves lot of great cognitive skills at work.

To help kids learn and love numeracy in fun way, there are a few steps or ways through which we can employ them and win the heart of learners and help them build a positive attitude towards Numeracy.

  1. Give them Non-Threatening and Enabling Environment-   When we recall our maths classes, all we can think of is stern look of teachers, our hands and legs shaking and pale faces ,while we solved the problems of addition and subtraction. That’s what makes the entire image of numbers and maths quite literally exhausting and scary. But, the recent changes in how and what kind of environment shall be in the classes while we study any subject and particularly Mathematics as reassured by Prof, Rohit Dhankar is that ‘Try and create a positive and enabling environment and more of a fun and engaging one to support the confidence and instil motivation in learners to learn and gradually start to like the subject.
  2. JODO-GYAN Kits and Tools-It helps the learners to easily pick up on the topics related to mathematics as it prompts doing and playing with numbers. Learning gets real interesting with the help of this technique and at the same time can show significant growth in cognitive skills too."Jodo Gyan has developed innovative methods and materials for developing Number Sense, the teaching of fractions and decimals, integers and other mathematical concepts and reasoning. In the area of early numbers, these methods focus on the development of Number Sense. In this approach, the connection of the number with quantity is kept alive which helps to connect to the lived experiences and intuitions of the child.” Also Learn More :- Top 10 playschool in Delhi
  3. Use Estimation Skill and Go Away With Traditional Methods- When we come to numeracy, we want our kids to be as accurate with Numbers as much as Mathematics is.  We insist them to have the results within the stipulated time and with the traditional methods we as teachers/ parents have taught them. A good way is to let learners get a sense and estimate numbers before the traditional way to help navigate themselves through the problem to solution, Also, Conventional pattern and traditional ways won’t help the child to solve mathematical problem in daily lives, they won’t have pen and paper with them too, so why not train them and engage themselves better with estimation and devise their own ways.
  4. Let Them Play and Learn and Use Activity Based Learning– Not just in preschools and lower primary grades, but in other grades as well, Maths should be fun. Not just for the purpose of we writing and you reading, but it is essentially significant to make mathematics fun and an enjoyable task. Using lots of activities, kits, interactive charts, board games etc. in class and in free periods, is an actionable and effective method to Use activity based learning in learning Numeracy.
  5. Involve Them in Mathematics-Using children as resources in their own learning of numbers is preferably a great method to employ in all classes irrespective of age and grade.For example, while learning numbers, as concrete objects are helpful in the preschool age group, one physical dimension also involves their own bodies. Use them to learn numbers, addition, subtraction, and tally and other things in upper grades.

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