The article is written to put emphasis and aim to make the readers aware of how we can raise SociallyResponsible Children. To read about that, we will first try to develop a clearer understanding of what social responsibility means and how can children, who we never really want enough to be responsible rather be free, Pure and of course childlike develop in them the sense of social responsibility as they grow up

What is Social Responsibility?

Socialresponsibility is defined as a theory where individualsareresponsiblefortheircivicdutiesandthattheiractionsshouldbenefitsocietyasawhole.Having the same in children would mean that kids also are expected and rightly so, to be purposeful in their actions, what they do shall be good for our society. If we talk about their careers, and their passions, any action shall prove to be something in consonance with society’s ideals and moral code of conduct. Also, socialresponsibility would mean something to serve Humanity and kindness.

In Corporate, we have learnt about the term many times called Corporate Social Responsibility where individuals working in offices are made to do certain activities which are socially helpful and constructive. Initiating this at offices with the adult population is not wrongandrather commendable. But, what if we start it essentially in the foundational years of a child’s age and as a, result these activities become a part of their personality and attitudes as life goes along?

That would be helpful right?

Further,let’s analyse some of the things which the children at home and in school can be taught in relation to establishing a sense of social responsibility in them and how can adults help them in this.

Kindness and Generosity- Instilling in children a sense of kindness and generosity towards society and all people irrespective of their age, or gender they are is an act of humanity and the utmost foundation of social responsibility.

Environmental Conservation- Social responsibility also fore takes environmental conservation and hence, environmental responsibility goes hand in hand. If Nature is in sync and balanced, so would humans, animals and other life forms can sustain and survive. It is hence a completely 360 degrees cycle where social responsibility is in no way independent in itself and Environment plays a major role in it.

Respecting andAcknowledging Diversity and establishing Healthy Peer/Social relations- One of the biggest social responsibilities that we as parents and educators need to cultivate in the children is respecting and acknowledging diversity. Making friends, not based on religion, gender, caste or creed is the foremost foundation in the early years to start with.

Having Healthy boundaries and respect for others- Keeping healthy boundaries and respecting the same in others is not one adult should learn, rather this is something we as parents and educators must understand and help children develop this habit in children from their childhood onwards. This will help them keep good boundaries, mental health and social relations.

Compassion& Empathy for others& being Indiscriminative and Considerate-It is a big Social responsibility to be Considerate and indiscriminative towards the community and kids from the very start of their lives should understand the same. Discrimination, inconsideration and any bad attitude, prejudice, and stereotypes make it a very hard time for people on the end of receiving it and hence, compassion and empathy shall be necessary aspects of a human’s life.Our Constitution also enlists several provisions enshrining the need to get away with the idea of discrimination on any grounds and hence, taking it also as a basis, Parents and Educators must understand the same and help children to cultivate awareness.

Social responsibility is hence our moral obligation and Universal duty to serve. For more details visit at  Best play school in Delhi