Junior Delhi School is a chain of preschool working with commitment and zeal towards delivering well-structured and high-quality education and a knack for nurturing young kids for a better future catering to all their development needs. Junior Delhi School involves the best and most recent teaching methods available to help develop learners for the World around us. Junior Delhi School has over 258+ centers in the country.

Our Chairman, Mr. Vishva Deepak Gupta has always been a firm believer of early childhood education. His idea of preschool education is centered on the core aspect of helping early education reach every child across. He has spread this idea all over and is determined to open preschool even in remote areas of India. Even in the COVID times when schools remain shut and were devastated, the chairman of Junior Delhi School, Mr. Vishva Deepak Gupta extended his idea of preschool education to a different level with virtual classes. It’s the first virtual preschool in India. He used this as an opportunity to involve young kids and their enthusiastic teachers in the ocean of online learning and engagements. He aims to provide Integrated and global-level preschool education.

Junior Delhi School Curriculum:

Junior Delhi School employs unique, extensively researched, and meticulously planned integrated learning, known as the JIL program. Our strength lies with the Junior Integrated Learning Curriculum. 

Also, the incorporation of STEAMLabs for the preschoolers is another strong point making the Junior Delhi School, a leading preschool in India. The STEAM Lab is a space to engage in hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities that encourage creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking. We at Junior Delhi School work on developing the 4 C’s in children namely Communication, Creativity, Critical thinking, and Collaboration which are aimed at catering to the needs of the 21st century. 

Dear (Drop Everything And Read) program is also a part of the Junior Delhi School preschool curriculum. It is a step to achieve the objective of helping children develop reading capacity and build their skills.

Junior Delhi School provides the best support to its franchise partners for smooth functioning and operations. 

From the Set up itself, we provide Comprehensive assistance right from the site selection to the launch of the preschool. The Social Media Marketing support where a Sub Webpage on the official website, Google My Business Listing, and Facebook and Instagram ID. All the Courseware consisting the Annual Calendar, Holiday List, Monthly Time Table and Lesson Plan, Monthly Newsletter, and Meal plan for parents.

We further help with the day-to-day support in which the Head Office provides the Single Point of Contact for day-to-day coordination. The Junior Delhi Schoolmobile application provides a digital gateway to preschool facilities. It is an advanced digital communication giving access to parents, teachers, admin, and students across all franchises to connect with the Junior Delhi School better.

The school provides all one-stop for diverse facilities like Day care facilities, Gymarea, Sandpit for kids, SocialSegment, DiningRoom, Well-furnished classrooms, Stimulating toys and teaching aids, and Print richness. Our programs include Pre-nursery, Nursery, LKG, and UKG along with Day care facilities for children from 3-12 years of age.

The top reason for being able to establish a network and have 200+franchises is the unwavering and comprehensive support including in the area of sales, marketing, and academics that we offer to our Preschool Franchise In India. With Junior Delhi School, the franchises and the staff gets a great advantage to learn and grow together.