Established in 2017, Junior Delhi School now stands among the leading preschools in the country. With 258+ branches across the nation, Junior Delhi School is constantly expanding its reach and striving hard to spread high-quality education to every corner of the country and each stratum of society.

The rapidly changing employment landscape and global ecosystem make it increasingly important for children not only to learn but more importantly, to learn how to learn. Therefore, education should be reduced in content and directed toward learning how to think critically and solve problems, how to be creative and interdisciplinary, and how to innovate, adapt, and absorb new material in novel and changing fields. For the Students, The Pedagogyhere at JDS has evolved to make education more experiential, holistic, integrative,inquiry-based, exploratory,learner-centered,discussion-based, flexible and of course more enjoyable.

We, at Junior Delhi School, strive to provide the best suitable condition for the learning and growth of our children and encourage them to take initiative and develop skills like Decision making, Active Listening, Interpersonal Skills, Collaboration, Communication, Time management, and Critical thinking are crucial for them to stay ahead of the curve, be intellectually well-developed, and attain the highest level of excellence.

What drives the people towards the brand?

Our Chairman, Mr. Vishva Deepak Gupta has always been a firm believer in early childhood education. His idea of preschool and primary education is centered on the core aspect of helping education reach every child across. He has spread this idea all over and is determined to open schools to spread education even in remote areas of India. This is also one reason that drives people toward the brand.

Under the canopy of our school motto ‘Great Place to Grow’ the School not only enables students to be seekers of academic knowledge but also grow overall in all spheres to make a mark in professional outlets, become socially aware, have skills to grow themselves and create bright future for themselves

The Curriculum:

 Junior Delhi School employs unique, extensive research, and a meticulously planned curriculum in consonance with International standards. Also, the incorporation of STEAMLabs for the pre-primary grades is another strong point making the Junior Delhi School, a leading preschool in India. The STEAM Lab is a space to engage in hands-on science, technology, engineering, art, and math activities that encourage creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking.

Also, The DEAR (Drop Everything And Read) program is a part of the Junior Delhi preschool curriculum. It is a step to achieve the objective of helping children develop reading capacity and build their skills. Further, the Students are provided with diverse facilities like Play areas, STEAM Labs, Dining areas, Stimulating toys, Print rich classrooms, engaging classes, and interactive educational support.

Junior Delhi School provides the Best support to its Franchise partners :

From the Set up itself, we provide Comprehensive assistance right from the site selection to the launch of the preschool. The Social Media Marketing support where a Sub Webpage on the official website, Google My Business Listing, and Facebook and Instagram ID. All the Courseware consisting the Annual Calendar, Holiday List, Monthly Time Table and Lesson Plan, Monthly Newsletter, and Meal plan for parents. We further help with the day-to-day support in which the Head Office provides the Single Point of Contact for day-to-day coordination.

Several weekly, and monthly workshops and training sessions are organized by the Academic head with the academic trainers at the head office for the centers, their teachers, and center heads.

The top reason for being able to establish a network and have 200+ franchises is the unwavering and comprehensive support including in the area of sales, marketing, and academics that we offer to our franchise.

Great Careers for Educators:

Trained and student-friendly staff- We train our educators to provide both academic and overall knowledge and impart essential skills to the students. We put great emphasis on teachers who are qualified and trained enough and give them the opportunity

Recruitment and training- A cohort of well-informed and student-friendly teachers are given the platform here to establish their careers at JDS.