Preschools are designed to focus on enrichment of these little toads, in such a manner that the activities to be performed by these learners must be drawn out of curiosity and fun-loving tactics. Such activities must engulf these young learner’s minds towards the amusement associated with precise learning.

For catering such delicate and absorbing minds, it is very much required to find an ideal preschool as the first learning place for the little one. And sometimes it is really hard to come up with a fun and meaningful idea that one can pull together precisely. Thus the presence of a competent Preschool which provides such activities becomes essential with the span of time.

Our all Preschool Centers, are catering this prerequisite with utmost care and attention towards nourishing these young and grasping minds. Junior Delhi Schools, are continuously dispensing such activities.


Enhancing Curiosity

Children are naturally curious!
The only prerequisite that has to be rendered is enhancement and shaping of such curiosity, in such a manner that it results in development of the natural instinct tilted towards exploration and creativity. Being curious and explorative is essential for establishing lifelong habits and mindset of these preschoolers.  The same can be done in various ways for instance


Setting an Example.

It might not always seems like young children are listening to you, but they’re watching you doing everything you do and even mimi. c you more then you realize. One of the most efficient method that can be done is setting an  Positive example for curiosity by being a model of it yourself.


Reading Signs

Pointing out the letters and words in street signs, stores , at the doctor’s office and many other places where a toddler usually visits, and saying such words out loud and helping them out in the pronunciations and meanings and also making them to think the other rhyming words will be a great start to introduce the world of words to the little curious toads we have.

Counting Everyday Items.

Our 2 year old may be able to recite numbers starting from one to ten, but the ability to truly count probably won’t come until a more unite and proper way has been introduced. We can boost up there number skills by tallying them the total as when you dress them (one..two..three buttons) , preparing meals ( six peas are there in your plate ) and while shopping for groceries ( I have three potatoes so I need one more to make them four ). Making them use their fingers while counting and adding or subtracting the basic digits and encourage them to use their own mind to calculate and answer on their own.


Separating Objects by Color and Type.

The act of observing , comparing and evaluating objects is a vital part of growth of Preschoolers. Fortunately these little kids are masters sorters, in this learning activity for toddlers, we can ask our toddlers to group their stuffed animals in some or the basis i.e. color, shape , size etc. Asking them to separate their socks from the other laundry or then have them put different size spoons in different molds of silverware tray. Thus by repeating and contrasting this activity, the child will start to participate in sorting of materials and recognizing the difference between the two, even before reaching the age of two. Such recognition of sorting and separating different stuff, boots their mental abilities so profoundly that the books can never add.



Encouraging Them to Participate Actively.

It is very important for the little learners to widen the scope of their learning and understanding. Unless these kids are exposed to various motor skills that can develop their parameters and set benchmarks, which will be enhanced every time they start. These motor skills involves mental as well as physical development.  As by performing such activities the kids utilize their energy while performing such by using their minds as well. Such participation not only opens new doors for such creative and curious minds but also boost up the confidence of confronting the others without getting hesitate and nervousness.


Nature Outings.

Taking the kids close to the nature also gives a profound experience that is far beyond the electronic world that we have unintentionally entered. Thus along with giving them the knowledge of managing technology and gadgets , it is important to introduce the nature, including chirping of birds, touching and feeling different barks and leaves, smelling the natural fragrance  of the flowers and open space there in the grass.


Thus, motoring these aforementioned activities can grow the parameters of the little learners so well, that it could enhance their caliber at a very young age. The curious minds of these children needed to be fed with the adequate and right knowledge and skills, that it could be catered by performing these activities with proper engagement with your kids. A combination of such allows the child to grow like a little plant, that eventually turn up into a beautiful flower, right and rational nourishment is very much required at such young age, that it could form the habits and right knowledge of Do’s and Don’ts.