Writing is an essential component of our everyday life. It means to express ourselves rather than the common understanding in Indian classrooms of copying from black/whiteboard.

We may assist our child to improve writing abilities at a young age by getting a head start with some basic exercises. You will be contributing to your child's future success as a student and as an adult by teaching them how to express themselves. Also Read About :- Best pre school in Delhi

Writing is a fundamental means of communication as well as an important aspect of education. However, in today's technology-driven society, kids aren't given any opportunity to practice and enhance their writing skills. Many parents are left wondering how to enhance their child's writing skills as a result of this.

It takes time and effort to acquire great writing abilities, and it may be a difficult undertaking. Fortunately, there are many things that parents can do at home to assist their kids to develop their writing abilities.

What can you do?

It's crucial to remember that writing may be just as difficult to teach and evaluate as it is to learn. Many students struggle with writing with clarity, coherence, and order, which might discourage them from writing if they are upset and hence it imapcts their overall language development as a domain.

This is where parental participation may make a significant difference. Encouraging your kid to build excellent writing abilities at a young age and to become a better writer as he grows older can have a long-term good influence on their writing and may make writing a simpler and more pleasurable process for them.

To get you started, Junior Delhi School, India's premier play school franchise, provides a variety of ideas for things you can do to help your kid become a great writer.

From enjoyable activities to everyday reading and writing sessions, these strategies for improving kids' writing skills can help your child develop his or her talents quickly.


Reading regularly is a stepping stone to better writing and helps kids enhance their writing abilities. It increases kids' vocabulary and teaches them alternative ways to use words. This also facilitates their use of these words in their work.

With younger children, make it a point to read together every day and to foster their love of reading as they develop.


At Junior Delhi School, the leading preschool in India, we make kids participate in writing-related games and activities. Crossword puzzles and word games are enjoyable for all ages. Kids particularly enjoy the "write the word" game, in which they look for items and write down the word when they discover them.


Today, letter writing is something of a lost art. Encourage your kid to send letters to his or her friends and relatives. Distant family members will especially appreciate getting handwritten letters, and it's a terrific method for kids to practice writing abilities.


Keeping a diary is a terrific method for youngsters to express their thoughts and ideas while also building on their writing abilities. Plan an outing with your kid to select a fun diary and encourage them to write in it as much as possible. Make it a regular part of his or her day.




Make it clear to your child that you are there to assist with spelling or proofreading anytime he or she requires it. Teachers at Junior DPS, India's premier play school, do the same. We make certain that each child has access to the assistance he or she requires while writing. Making writing time a priority for yourself can help your child enhance his or her writing abilities. Read More About :- Top 10 playschool in Delhi


Consider your son's or daughter's favorite cartoon character. Perhaps he or she is preoccupied with dinosaurs. Connect any of his or her interests to writing. To promote writing, we at Junior DPS plan activities such as asking the kid to write a new short story about his or her favorite characters, or allowing him or her to compose a narrative entirely about dinosaurs.


There is no better way to learn than to watch someone else do it. Allow your children to witness you write regularly. Writing will come more readily to them if it is a regular part of your everyday life. A simple grocery list or letter to the teacher, holiday or thank you cards, or even a beautiful note to your child is all acceptable.


There's no denying that technology has a significant impact on our lives. Make use of it by having your youngster establish a blog. By encouraging regular writing habits, you may assist your child focus on strengthening his or her writing abilities.


Writing is a valuable practical life skill. While exceptional writing abilities need time and care to develop, you can aid your child with these simple writing activities for students. Know More :- Best play school in Delhi