Pre-school or playschool In India , includescatering to the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE),with children in pre-nursery and nursery (infants upto three years), lower kindergarten (LKG) (three to four years old) and upper kindergarten (UKG) (four to five year old). The objectives of preschool education include (i) ensuring smooth physical, mental and emotional development in children and cultivation of healthy habits; (ii) Preparing children for primary education; (iii) Creating a common environment of education and development for children;(iv) Helping them explore their own environment at their own pace before they have to undergo transformation as to be a Society member, a religious follower, a patriot etc and start preparation to take up a professional service and get ultimately busy with life.

Playschools enable them to begin constructing the knowledge of the world around themselves, beginning with family, neighbourhood etc.

In this blog, we will try and develop an understanding of what the demand for early childhood education is in India and how, in the future , playschool education will keep its place? Will it be a relevant business or become redundant due to the advancements in present times?

But first before that, let’s decipher why is preschool education important?: Early childhood education enables school readiness andhelps to build a foundation for lifelong learning.Preschools build roots for the future and help children gain cognitive, behavioural, and social abilities that they cannot acquire at home. Preschool education is crucial for fostering a child's readiness for learning and immersing them in the quest for knowledge.

Are they  at present profitable in India?

Playschools and Day Care services in India have become a profitable business while providing ideal care to the children and peace of mind to the parents. If one is a budding entrepreneur and wants to start an in-demand and profitable business, they may  start a childcare home in India.

Junior Delhi School, for say, is going an extra mile and building business along with prioritizing early childhood education on both online and offline platforms. Hence, the number of franchisees it holds, is significant and works as to reinforce that the playschool education sector is booming and holds capacity for growth in the future.


Hence, now whenever you come across this question ‘if daycare a good business in India?’ , You can be sure to say that the sector has a strong foundation and necessity , however the manifestation of the sector may upgrade due to the advancements in technology and situations which are not in the control of humans, for instance, the post pandemic World.

What is its earning preschool education in India?

As we delve into the statistics to examine the interplay of early education and economic impact, it is seen that an investment in preschool education has a high return on investment and proves profitable and it’s a fact that there are now twice as many preschools in India as there were in 2005 suggests that the practise is here to stay and that parents are beginning to see its advantages.

The future of early childhood education in the digital era surely is profitable and never going to get redundant. There is an uncanny need for education for human kind and we can't choose to escape the highly recognised sector ime preschool education when it comes to future life.

If not physical classrooms, then the aspect of Online classes for preschool education would still be benefiting the society and growing business remotely. This sector is highly profitable and futuristic as the objective is clear and goal oriented.

Junior Delhi School understands the same and hence immensely places pride in running the school across India with favourable deliverables for franchisees and high quality education for students and parents. With evolving generation, the sector hence would evolve itself and categorically become more streamlinedz focused and relevant.

The factual answer to the worrisome questions if one should invest in preschool business is right before our eye. Who new that preschools abd early childhood education and care centres after COVID-19 will upgrade themselves by providing online schooling?

Hence , one must come to terms with the fact that future of playschool business is bright and beautiful and get rid of the doubt of Is kids' business it is surely. If sometimes we come across the stressor of what if technology takes away this business then one may give stress a back seat and be delighted to know that in this sector technology is our superpower and not anti to us. For more details visit the Best Playschool In India