The period from birth to 7 years of age is one of the mot prominent stage of one’s life. There’s remarkable brain development of children and represents a crucial window of opportunity for these learners. When children are healthy, safe and performing such motoring activities which is catering the curiosity of their mind they will be better able to reach their full development potential as adults and participate effectively economic, social and civic life.


Early education is very similar to training programs given to kids, it involves feeding their curious and active minds and allow them to absorb social, physical, cognitive and emotional development. Developing these traits is preschool helps them to better adjust to life eventually. In fact studies and census that if the early education done right, helps the kids develop a lifelong love affair with education and learning.


When we educate and train these little learners from the very basic and creative age, the learning habit get settles in their mind and followed afterwards throughout their life. Not only the syllabus taught, but the habits, imitation and expressions that gets absorbed by the little brains, stays there for the life time. A pre-schooler watches the environment and try to imitate it immediately, this a sign that the young mind has started to absorb and understand its environment.


There are many Perks of having the children attending their preschool at the right age.  Some of them are

1. Learning to Value Education

A good quality early childhood education in a preschool or childcare center helps them to value the need for education and the importance of lifelong learning. Early education provides kids with cognitive and social experiences that allow them to be independent. It also helps develop a positive attitude towards education, which ultimately ensures their academic as well as lifelong success.


2. Having a Strong Foundation


Early childhood care and education allow your kids to develop their social skills. And these social skills will ultimately help them have healthy and strong relationships with people. Early education lets your little one get along and share with their peers while learning to listen and communicate their feelings and ideas with them. These skills help your kids develop friendships and build their future as well as identity.


3. Developing Emotional Resilience


Early childhood education helps kids develop emotional resilience. Studies and researches show that kids who have attended preschool or childcare from 2 to 3 years of age have greater attention skills than their peers. They are also able to manage their emotions much better. But that’s not all. Parents benefit when they send their little ones to childcare as they reap emotional, financial, and social rewards from building relationships with other parents and families at the childcare facility.


4. Building and Nurturing Good Habits

Are you wondering about early education’s importance and debating about whether to go for it or not? Well, early education helps kids teach and incorporate everyday healthy habits like washing their hands properly before any meal or brushing their teeth. These habits over time help build a healthy routine that leads to early childhood development. Additionally, this also helps kids be prepared for kindergarten while making family life easier as well.

5. Developing Learning Skills

Learning to read, write, and count forms the foundation of a child’s education. But that’s not all that it means when we talk about developing learning skills. Kids tend to learn a lot by looking at pictures and talking about them or by listening to stories. They also develop their learning skills by drawing shapes and pouring sand into containers. These skills ultimately help them perform well in their literacy and numeracy test in primary schools and beyond.

6. Enjoying an Overall Successful Future

The benefits of early childhood education are immense and last a lifetime. Surveys have shown that adults who went for good early childhood education from the age of 2 years and above are more likely to remain employed for a longer time and graduate. Skills learned during this age are crucial for your kid’s social, academic, and emotional performance. Further research shows that children, who haven’t received early childhood education are more likely to experience developmental vulnerability when starting primary school.

As parents, it is normal for you to wish that your little one gets a head start in school as well as in life. It is a good investment to send your kids to a preschool or child centre, where that focus on child development through early childhood education. Hopefully, this article has given you some ideas about why early childhood education is an absolute must when it comes to your kids’ bright and beautiful future.