What if you are asked to visualise a preschool from the early 2000s? You may come across a picture of young kids playing and learning, teachers making charts and using flashcards and picture big books, rhymes being sung by children themselves and teachers managing them through various classroom management tools and strategies. Now, imagine today’s preschools, the one thing you will feel is strikingly different from the ones mentioned here is Technology being employed in various ways for teaching and learning, learner development and teaching methodology. From various gadgets used by teachers, AVs installed in classrooms, CCTV surveillance, Nursery rhymes on the projector, smartboards replacing blackboards, etcetera. We can churn out easily that Technology has changed everything in considerable amounts and unusual ways. Technology has transformed teaching and learning in numerous ways.

Further, we will read about how Technology can enhance Learning in Indian Playschools. As living in the 21st century, we duly understand and have an awareness that technology is everywhere and bringing great transformationsin our lives. It is a tool that is making our lives easier. Since technology has been an effective tool, it is obvious that we use it not just in one sphere but rather employ it for everyday assistance. Be it education or the health sector or the Food industry, ‘Technology has a big role to play in everyday life’. From the time we get up in the morning till we go to sleep, there are endless things we take on that are governed using technology. Not just adults, but rather the kids as well are surrounded by technology and its advancements are categorically playing a significant role in our lives.

Many times we ponder upon the boon and bane of technology in our lives and people stand divided on the topic. But we have to agree that there are numerous benefits of Technology. The following section will emphasise its importance in preschool/ playschool education.

  1. Using technology helps facilitators design unique learning environments for students. This enables a positive and comforting environment.
  2. Technology allows kids to learn at their own pace and in whichever way suits them best. Rhymes, story modules, etc.help them to have supportive and age-appropriate tools at hand for learners.
  3. Technology allows teachers the ability to record, save, and share what they made the kids learn in class that day.
  4. Many Preschools also have stimulating educational resources likeTalking books and talking pens for pre-schoolers. They are not just attractive devices but rather have the ability to cater to individuals’ development in various aspects, like language development, vocabulary enrichment, increasing knowledge about concepts and themes, creativity etc.

Technology and kids:We in the present times are enormously and profoundly influenced by technology. As is with the case of adults, being completely enveloped by gadgets, we have to admit that kids too are as well stimulated by a variety of technological objects. We are using technology to babysit, teach, playtime etc. and enjoy its benefits in all settings including preschool.

The blog encapsulated some of the points explaining the role of technology in preschool education and the role of technology in enhancing teaching and learning.Now, you may know some of the benefits and in general about what is the role of technology in childcare at home and in preschool.

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