Parents in Siliguri are on a search for the best playschools near them, in order to give their children the best start to their educational journey. With the right guidance, care and the right environment, children can make a great start in their development and pave their way to success. Playschools are a great way to foster creativity, collaboration and cultural values that help nurture young minds.

Finding the best playschool near you may sound like a daunting task, but with a bit of research and dedication, you can find the perfect one for your child. But, we have done research for you and found Top 5 Playschool in Siliguri. Read this article, at the end to know about best preschool schools near you.

1. Junior Delhi School Siliguri

Junior Delhi School Siliguriis a renowned playschool in Siliguri, providing high-quality education and overall development for toddlers. This playschool blends a perfect combination of fun and learning activities that help in overalldevelopment of the kids. They follow a unique play-way learning system which focuses on developing every aspect of a child's personality.

Junior Delhi School Silliguri also focuses on the creative and physical development of each child. They have a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who are dedicated to providing the best education and training to the children.

The school also offers a variety of extracurricular activities that help in further development of the kids. The school is well-equipped with modern educational resources to keep the kids motivated and engaged. If you are looking for a quality playschool in Silliguri, then Junior Delhi School Silliguri is the perfect choice.

2. Little Laureates Pradhan Nagar Preschool

Little Laureates Pradhan Nagar Preschool is one of the best playschools in Siliguri. It offers a safe and nurturing environment for children to explore and learn. The experienced staff at the playschool provide quality education and an overall development experience for young kids.

The playschool also provides activities such as sports, music, dance and art, to help in the holistic growth of the children. With its modern and interactive teaching methods, children get to interact with others and engage in various activities that help in the overall development of their skills. The teachers at this preschool ensure that the children are guided in the right direction and are well taken care of.

3. Time Kids Pre School

Time Kids Pre School is one of the best pre schools in Siliguri. With its excellent curriculum, experienced teaching staff, and well-structured environment, it is the top choice for parents who want to give their children the best start in their education.

The school has experienced teachers who have a vast knowledge of the subjects being taught and are dedicated to helping the students excel academically. The teaching methodology used by Time Kids Pre School helps to keep the students engaged and motivated throughout the school day.

Along with a good academic atmosphere, the school has many fun and engaging activities for the kids to enjoy. From music and art to physical education, the staff is committed to creating a safe and supportive learning environment for the students.

4. Cosmos Global Pre-School

Cosmos Global Pre-School situated in Siliguri is one of the top playschools in the city. It is known for its excellent educational environment and professional teachers. The school is committed to providing quality education to foster the young minds of the coming generation.

They focus on giving the best in terms of curriculum, teaching methodology and overall infrastructure. With experienced faculty and an excellent learning atmosphere, this playschool ensures to bring out the best in each and every child. From fun-filled activities to learning games, the school provides numerous ways of learning and exploring.

5. Orchid Montessori House

Orchid Montessori House is one of the best Playschools in Siliguri. Established in 1996, it has been delivering quality education to children from the age of 3 to 6 years. The school provides a holistic learning environment with a perfect balance of play and academics.

With an emphasis on outdoor activities, the activities are designed to encourage learning through exploration, experimentation and self-discovery. The experienced teachers at the school strive to create a nurturing atmosphere and develop strong relationships between the staff and the children. The school also provides ample opportunities for the whole family to take part in fun and boding activities.


Junior Delhi School is one of the best playschool located in Siliguri. It offers a quality learning experience in a safe and supportive environment. The school has highly skilled and experienced teachers who ensure that children learn in an enjoyable and fun manner. The curriculum of the school is designed to provide comprehensive knowledge to children, preparing them for their school-going age. The school provides ample opportunities for the overall progress of the child by focusing on physical and mental aspects.For more details visit at the Top 5 School For Children