When we think about our young kids at home and in Primary school & Preschool In Delhi, we aim to develop certain values and beliefs in them that help them become better individuals and respectable members of a larger society. In the higher grades, this may be called as personality development or not even given a name but inculcated through various other methods and concepts through textbooks and story books. Character building or Character Education is an aim of Education which is a learning process that enables students and adults in a school community to understand, care about and act on core ethical values such as respect, justice, civic virtue and citizenship, and responsibility for self and others.


Character Building is done in several ways in preschool and primary classes like Value Education period, School Assembly -Thought of the Day, Moral Science lectures, etc. Every teacher tries her hand at building the student’s character in several ways like Interaction with them, sharing life stories, etc. given what they can do individually.  Mostly, the storybooks with 'Morals' are the school methods, and then writing the Morals in the Notebooks is the practiced method of building character but not so appropriate and efficient way to deal with it.


Several games use Artificial intelligence on Phones and computer systems and other platforms for example games like 'Solve the Moral Dilemmas, to help young kids learn the values and ethics of care Irrespective of the gender they belong to. One big thing is that we might have to give them exposure to such creative games and not just the other fun gaming time they have. The best use of Al in character building is when we use it for the same purpose as we build the games for

Google, Alexa, Siri

Most families now in India and around the globe have one of the AI service platforms like the ones listed above at home and in the range of exposure of our children. That is also one thing at home based on AI which helps children learn a lot. They understand greetings, talking with the other person, turn-taking, healthy conversation, and many other special words by using an AI platform which they inherit in themselves and incorporate into their behavior as they pick up any other behavior. The good thing is the conversation with these goes as per requests and demands but in a very soothing tone. News about the day, Facts also serve them with awareness of society and inculcate the desired societal values and emotional development.

Smart toys like robots are also very helpful in building character and values in children

There is no clear definition of what playing with Smart toys is and how it contributes to children’s evolution and character formation. As toys play a significant role in children’s evolution, the scientific community has been methodically involved in exploring the application of technology on them and how children interact with toys.

For example, such a toy can provide vocal, visual, kinetic, or other feedback and recognize the voice, physical movements, and space placement. Numerous studies were carried out to evaluate such toys, mainly in terms of their effect on children. For example, smart toys support digital storytelling activities which do not explicitly give any moral but rather help children delve inside the story and choose to imagine it. Engagement with these kinds of toys /robots help them become more effective in nature and as a social being. Their studies showed a positive effect of these toys on children