Educational toys refer to anything that educates, makes the child learn a new thing, or a new concept/skill, or strengthens already developed skills and concepts. Examples include puzzles, blocks, Musical instruments, picture cards, technological devices like speaking books, etc. Here, it is important to note that it could be anything that helps them educate their mind and body and aids development of all kinds i.e. Motor, Cognitive, Physical, etc. 

To understand the benefits for infants and toddlers, we must know the age of the children that we are talking about. Infants are newborn children till the age of one (0-1) and toddlers refer to children falling in the age range of 1-3 years. Newborn children have limited reach due to their age and stage of development. So, whatever, we can give them in their hands or keep around in their proximity shall be stimulating enough for their overall development. Rattles, large rings, squeeze toys, teething toys, soft dolls, and textured balls are all educational in nature as they are beneficial for an infant’s sensory, motor, and cognitive development. 

Toddlers are very curious and explorative as they wish to know every whereabouts and happenings and construct new knowledge in their minds through various experiences. They have less attention span and we need to give them such stimulation that can easily help them get themselves better in tune with their bodies and mind. Essentially we have a brilliant set of educational toys made for the same purpose. Preschools are significantly working on the idea of helping toddlers develop their skills and are also emphasising much more on using educational toys and resources.

Some known benefits of educational toys:

1.    Educational toys provide help to children in learning different life skills like developing problem-solving skills, teaching about conflict resolutions, and how cause and effect work. 

2.    It also teaches children sharing, decision-making, skill-learning, and creativity.

3.    For any skill to develop, one needs resources and necessary freedom. Educational toys when provided, hold relevance and significance to provide children with the freedom to act upon it, play and engross the little one in a fun and meaningful activity.

4.    With specific toys around – It Facilitatesspatial reasoning and intelligence as kids get a conducive environment and fun time which helps them to cultivate an understanding of space while playing with the toys like Blocks, Puzzles.

5.    Language development in the kids through the experience of using toys that give exposure and immerse children in language and skills.

6.    Cognitive Development: Constructing new things require a lot of mind play, stimulation, and educational toys like Shape Sorting, picture cards, and puzzles, etc. help learners get along the idea of using themselves as a resource and learning new things by involving themselves in sync with the colorful and playful environment.

7.    Real objects as Educational toys: Also, utensils, bangles, straws, clay, and Legos are essentially used by many children other than educational toys which makes them aware of how play is not an object-driven activity but engagement of oneself with others. The benefit is that such things are also educational in nature as they help toddlers think out of the box, engage better and serve the idea of building interpersonal relationships and play more with creativity.

Role of Educators and Parents

Parents and teachers and everyone including children themselves agree and researches show that Play and toys are two things that are inseparable when we talk about kids, hence, giving them such an environment becomes an indispensable point of priority in schools and at home.

Junior Delhi School (India’s Leading Pre School in Delhi), agrees that Play is a significant factor in the lives of the child and emphasises that “Play is the work of childhood”-JEAN PIAGET.

Best STEAM-BASED learning takes place at Junior Delhi School which makes it very obvious that STEAM-based activities are henceforth making the best educational toys a part of the curriculum. Our educators are resourceful and also believe that other than toys even Waste material used can also be turned into a creative manner and educate and help young ones learn something new.