While we consider the case of kindergarten, India is packed with mushrooming kindergartens/preschoolson every street and every corner.While many of us start searching for the Best Pre Schools in India 2023on the internet, ask our references about the same and get to the answer of ‘What are Top Play Schools’in terms of ranking, we devote ourselves extensively toget our kids enrolled in the one which is the best for them. The question of ‘How do I find the best kindergarten school?’ is a big puzzler for parents. On one hand, many preschools in India arefocusing on unique learning methods. And to be precise many are just there to grow their business and not serving in the learning and preschool engagements. In the blog further, we will get to know, the 10 Best Preschool Chains in India, ‘What is the most effective teaching method in kindergarten?’, ‘What is a kindergarten in India?’, ‘Why kindergarten is important?’, and ‘Top preschools near me’. Before these, we will also reflect on what is a kindergarten.

What is a kindergarten?Kindergarten: is a specialized space regarded as the first step towards formal education. An early childhood education program for children of ages 3-6 years, kindergarten in India consists of Junior/Lower Kindergarten (LKG) or Senior/ Upper Kindergarten (UKG). Talking about‘what is the concept of kindergarten?’, it is a school or class for young children, usually four to six years old, that prepares them for first grade and that develops basic skills and social behaviour through games, exercises, music, simple hand crafts, etc.There are many preschool brands out of which the one working best to serve the preschoolers is Junior Delhi School.

Why Junior Delhi School is one of the top Kindergarten schools in India?

1) The Play Method-This method for Kindergarten kids provides ample opportunity for children to play, which in turn develops confidence and social skills. This method helps teachers share experiences with the children and present ideas and materials that will help extend the play into a learning experience. Unlike other kindergartens, where children are forced to do conventional reading, writing, examination etcetera, Junior Delhi School believes that play and activity-based integrated learning is the foundational step that shall be employed.


  2)Advanced Infrastructural provisions make it a famous Kindergarten in India/Best kindergarten school in India: Social segmentthatfulfils the objective of learning from our everyday objects and surroundings. From a kitchen to a sofa, all are beneficial in use as they provide practical experience thereby helping learners develop the necessary knowledge and skills,Kids’ Creation Roomwhere your child will get an opportunity to unleash their creativity through art and craft and promote learning with contentment,Gym Area for the fact that even when the kids come from home all energetic and active, they do require a little more motivation to begin learning at school. Here in the Gym area, the warm-up and several activities help them be ready for the day ahead.Mini Auditoriumspace is provided where every student gets a space to showcase their talents during different activities. Teachers here use props and other teaching learning materials to strengthen children's concepts and carry out classroom tasks

3) DEAR program- The Drop Everything and Read method, which is employed in Junior Delhi preschool's everyday instruction, helps young readers develop a passion for reading.

4) Jolly Phonics- A child-centred approach to teaching synthetic phonics to young children. Junior DelhiSchool uses this multi-sensory strategy to help children with pronunciation.

5) STEAM-Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math incorporate a wide range of disciplines to inspire students to investigate, question, research, discover and practise creative building skills. 

Junior Delhi School is endlessly serving to provide quality education to the kids and help them equip with all the life skills starting from age three onwards.For more details visit us at Top Kindergarten In India