The initial years of a child’s life are very crucial for his/her overall development. The top playschools in Delhi, focuses on making the child emotionally, physically and psychologically stronger with the help of education they are offering. They teach the toddlers to recognize their own belongings, which is definitely a great achievement when seen from toddler’s perspective.

Children aren’t born with these skills. They have to acquire it and this is where the Best Playschool in Delhi, Junior Delhi School, steps in to help develop various skill sets.

As a parent, you want nothing but the best for your little one's early education journey. Look no further than Junior Delhi School in Pitampura, a pioneer in providing an exceptional learning environment. With its unique blend of activity-based curriculum, play-based learning, DEAR program, STEM-based learning, expansive playground, focus on 21st-century skills development, and top-notch infrastructure, Junior Delhi School emerges as the undisputed champion among its competitors. Let's delve into what sets this playschool apart from the rest playschools in Pitampura.

Activity-Based Curriculum: At Junior Delhi School, learning is an immersive experience. The school's activity-based curriculum encourages children to actively participate in their education.

Play-Based Learning: Recognizing the significance of play in early childhood development, Junior Delhi School integrates play-based learning into its curriculum. This emphasis on play differentiates Junior Delhi School from other playschools in Pitampura.

DEAR Program: Junior Delhi School's innovative DEAR (Discover, Explore, Achieve, Reflect) program is a testament to its commitment to providing a well-rounded education. This sets apart Pitampura’s Junior Delhi School apart from its competitors.

STEM-Based Learning: Junior Delhi School recognizes the importance of preparing children for the future. The school seamlessly integrates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) learning into its curriculum.

Junior Delhi School in Pitampura offers the children with the best teaching methodology and activity-based learning techniques. They provide you with experienced, qualified and good teaching staff.