Awarded for The Best Preschool of The Year on 4th July 2019 presented by Ms. Urvashi Rautela, Miss Universe 2015 (Business Excellence Awards)
Awarded for The Youth Entrepreneur on 3rd June 2019 presented by Ms. Zareen Khan, renowned Bollywood Actress (PKG Lifestyle News Award)
Awarded for The Best Management System on the occasion of Teacher’s Day 2018 presented by Abhinav Global School.
Awarded for The Educational Supporter on 8th April 2018 presented by Mr. Anil Aggarwal, Rajya Sabha Sansad.
Awarded for an International Education Icon Awards under the Category of The Best Preschool of The Year 2019 on 24th August,presented by Mr. Daniel Chuburu, Ambassador of Argentina.
Junior Delhi School Is Delighted To Receive “National Achievers Award of The Best Pre School – 2019” by Kriti Sanon.
Junior Delhi School Is Delighted To Receive “National Majesty Awards 2020” For “The Best Pre School – 2020” by Miss. Avika Gor (Aanandi ) and Sh. Raghuraj Singh (The Honourable Chairman / State Minister U.P. Govt.).
Junior Delhi School represented by the Chairman as the Guest of Honour along with Miss United Continents(2016) Lopamudra Raut at Mr & Ms Iconic Fashion 2021 on 14th March 2021 organised by Iconic Fashion Group in association with Junior Delhi School.