Chairman’s Message

“It is a well-established fact that education is the basis of human development and pre-schooling is the basis of education.

The growth of the Pre-school Education sector in India is mainly driven by the rising awareness among parents about the indispensable role that Early Childhood Care and Education play in the comprehensive development of a child. Along with it, the rising number of nuclear families and working women in the country are the two significant factors for carving a high prospect for the sector in the coming times. Pre-school ensures the working parents that their kid will get the best nurturing by the best persons who are trained to do the job well. It offers a safe and secure environment to the kids where they can grow and achieve their complete development even in the absence of their parents.

I welcome all those who seek to contribute their bit towards shaping the young minds for a brighter future of our country.” That is why we are inclined towards offering the best pre-schooling services that cater to the needs of both the child and the parents. And that is why the growth curve of this sector is bound to go up and up.

Vishva Deepak Gupta (Director, VDG Infotec Pvt. Ltd.)