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Junior Delhi School is a chain of the preschool franchise in India that provides a world-class learning environment and scientifically researched curriculum to maximize the development of children during the early childhood years. We provide a rich, stimulating environment to satisfy the learning needs of children for the development of their social, emotional, physical and academic skills.

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Our Mission

We at Junior Delhi School Limited slog towards stimulating a passion for learning and flourishing requisite sets of attitudes, skills, and knowledge that empower learners to escalate their potential towards becoming constructive, responsible and well-informed person in our democratic and rapidly growing community.

Our Vision

Junior Delhi School Limited inspires self-belief in everyone to shape and meet their needs and aspirations. We provide opportunities for the students to expand their skylines , enhancing their educational experience and emboldening them to be proactive in the learning process.

Our Philosophy

Established in 2016, Junior Delhi School Limited has served the community by introducing early education framework for children, designed by Early Years specialists. Junior Delhi School Limited endeavour to escalate the level of Early Years Education by using the latest research to provide finest educational programme.

Extensive Brand Support

We create an environment for the child that encourages learning with all the five senses and also aim to ensure parent participation as an integral part of the program, thus make each parent more knowledgeable about us their child’s development, behaviour patterns and positive guidance techniques.

The franchisor will provide comprehensive turnkey assistance right from site selection, layout, architecture to set up and starting of the preschool operations.

The franchisor will provide guidance in interviewing, recruiting and evaluating the preschool staff.

The franchisor will conduct regular training programs for the franchisee staff including teachers, counsellors, as well as the support staff.

The franchisor will provide educational materials to trainers as tutorials for students.

The franchisor will provide an Operations Manual containing mandatory and suggested specifications, standards, operating procedures and rules for running the preschool.

The franchisor will share a detailed marketing plan to assist franchise partners in effectively communicating the preschool proposition there by increasing and retaining the students.

We provide the main activities

Elements of Learning. Committed to Excellence

Junior Delhi School Limited follows a Holistic approach to learning and teaching. The approach aims at enhancing various domains: physical, creative, artistic, social, spiritual, emotional and cognitive.
All the elements in our curriculum coincide to bring out the best in every child and enable them to be on the track of continuous development and progress. (Holistic sphere)