Privacy Policy.

The data collected from this website is with the user's informed consent. The privacy policy strictly excludes any other information or website from its reach. The user is liable for any other websites and must share personal information at their own risk. This privacy policy necessitates the entry of information as part of the normal course of our company. For this, the website prompts users to provide crucial user data, which is required to perform more functions. By using the site's services, the user agrees to be bound by the terms and conditions of this privacy policy. Kindly do not visit or access our official website if you do not agree with the terms specified. Please read this privacy statement to learn more about how we use and safeguard your personal information/data.

The web server automatically recognises and records information, such as the visitor's IP address/domain name combination, for each visitor to the official website of Junior Delhi School. The company has the right to utilise this information to better analyse visitor traffic patterns as they browse the site. It also reserves the right to use and process the information obtained in order to improve the firm's or website's functionality. Unless the user has selected the blocking feature available in some browsers, the user's interface provides specific information each time they log in or visit the website.