Why Choose Us?

Our Program

Junior Delhi School employs an extensively researched and meticulously planned and unique curriculum known as Junior Integrated Learning (JIL) program.

  • Pre-nursery (age 2+)
  • Nursery (age 3+)
  • Lower KG (age 4+)
  • Upper KG (age 5+)

We carry out hundreds of amazing and joyful learning activities that make pre-schooling a joy ride for the kid

  • Life-skills
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Fine motor activities
  • Problem solving

At Junior Delhi School, every day is a celebration and through these celebrations kids get to learn the happenings around them and understand the world better.

  • Colour-themed Day celebrations ,
  • Monthly Show and tell activities
  • National and International Day celebrations
  • National Festivals

What will you child learn in Junior Delhi School

The curriculum has been designed to improve all the aspects of physical development from Fine motor skills to Gross motor skills.

  • Clay Play
  • Art Activities
  • Yoga
  • Dance
  • Physical games

Language is the most important tool that human brain uses for its growth. We motivate children to explore language with the help of –

  • Story Telling sessions
  • Reading
  • Communication
  • Show and tell

We encourage them to explore, analyse, and employ their problem solving skills through different activities:

  • Puzzles
  • Blocks
  • Mazes
  • Colour and shape games

We tap the immense creativity potential in our kids with various creative activities like:

  • Story telling
  • Colouring
  • Folding Papers (origami)
  • Printing activities like vegetable printing and newspaper printing
  • Free hand drawing

Parent’s Testimonial

FAQ's Junior Delhi School

Junior Delhi School is a preschool. Established in 2016, it has more than 258+ branches across India and is the fastest growing preschool in the country.

Junior Delhi School, a Corporate Member of Early Childhood Association (ECA), has set exceptional standards in the ECCE (Early Childhood Care & Education) by developing a holistic approach towards child development through its innovative pedagogy with a well-structured curriculum that makes the small learners productive and responsible in this rapidly evolving world.

Age 2 is the right age for the child to join a preschool. By this age, the kid starts taking interest in pictures, is able to loosely express their feeling and repeat words in order to understand the instructions. Hence, at Junior Delhi School,for optimum childhood development the kid are involved in various interesting and educational activities right from this age.

The importance of preschool is beyond words. If we talk scientifically, then research on the human brain provides very clear evidence for the importance of the early period of a child's life for their development and future. Healthy childhood development includes:

  • Physical development
  • Social development
  • Linguistic development
  • Creative Development
  • Personal Development
  • Emotional development
  • Cognitive development

Yes, very much. It is extremely necessary to send your kids to play school to ensure their complete childhood development. The first 8 years of child’s life (Formative Years) are very crucial for laying a strong foundation for future learning, health, life success and the overall child’s development as a human.

Junior Delhi School offers the best of the nurturing environment and learning experience to the child.

Further, lack of proper care at this early stage can lead to many problems in the future like obesity, mental and physical diseases, involvement in crime etc.